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LjNad Freeware Krüger blinds v1.0 (for Krüger display)© LjNad

Requirements:● A LICENSED version of OMSI 2● MAN NL 202 EN 92 and MAN NG 272 GN 92, in the original OMSI 2MB O 530 Citaro / O 530 G Citaro version 2 by alTerr, Wizard.MAN Lion’s City 1DTF Edition version 1.21 , by Gozek, Kamaz, Morphi et al.chura-Krüger” (Krüger+) — OMSI 2 Krüger matrix mod Release number 0.6 + e - 3rd August 2014(UTC)
Installation:● Extract in the Omsi 2 folder.● Copy the content of the HOF directory in above mentioned busses directories.
Notes:The addon is provided to you in a freeware and doesn’t include any form of support. I decline any liability onany occurrence may arise with the use of this product, included but not limited to, possible virus, trojan orany other form infections on files that can be injected at a later stage on the files are available on internet.
It may work on other Kruger/Led matrix busses such as the Solaris Urbino III with LED matrix, however thedisplay may output wrong colors.

Copyright and distribution of the mod:

  • This mod can be freely distributed and uploaded on any site without a permission by uploading current rar file without modification.
  • You are NOT allowed to add any modification to it.
  • This mod can be included in your FREEWARE addons and MUST contain "Readme_LjNad_Krueger.pdf" (this readme) in this exact format without modification.

:!: For PAYWARE addons, you MUST contact me first! You are NOT allowed to use it without my written permission.


©LjNad ( in your readme file and in the web pages
where your work containing this addon is displayed
Add the donation link to my paypal account (you can use the PayPal picture below but
make sure a readable link (like below) is also present):…d=U9FL7HWKPBN7Y


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    09.02.2018, 00:14

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    1 946 (27,03 Aufrufe pro Tag)

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    Omsi 2



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